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I guess it’s time to get back at reviewing what’s hot on the web WRT blogs and other sites of interest. I have recently been made aware of a great site that offers insightful articles on eCommerce and also offers some really great services such as web design and hosting.

A well put together site and accurate, helpful articles, makes vwebworld a definite “must see” for today’s web professionals and amateurs alike.

Blog Review – Kineda’s Blog

All I can say is “Wow” .  What a great looking blog.  Kineda blogs about entertainment, pop culture and lifestyle.  With articles on everything from USB batery chargers to  Kana Tsugihara (yum).

I still can’t get over how esthetically pleasing this blog is.   Please check out Kineda’s Blog.

Blog Cheese.


My friend Juggo Pop   pointed me to a cool video blogging site.  The site is called Blog Cheese and once you set up an account you can post video on your own video blog.  I haven’t set an account yet.  It’s like when you were a kid with your first tape recorder and could never think of something to say. All you end up doing is making weird noises and laughing.  I’ll get er done.  The lighting is off just now.

New Blog – SEO for Designers

This is a review of a new blog created today.  From the professionals that brought you Cimmeron Studios, the Seo for Designers blog promises to be an excellent resource for designers who whant to market their websites.  Good work Cimmeron Studios. (Love the blogroll)

Blog Review –

My next review is of Cimmeron Studios Blog.  This blog is an excellent example of customer service.  Creating a blog to help out your clients that have already paid you for your services is one of the most selfless acts I’ve ever seen in internet marketing. It is also one of the smartest ideas to retain business.  Good work Debbi you are a great business women and friend.

Blog Review –

Here’s a last minute blog reviewMike Dammann, tireless blogger, blog promoter, forum poster and internet marketer has a great internet marketing blog at  Cool design, insider tips, contest announcements and general internet marketing info makes this blog a must read.  Good job Mike. 

Blog Review – Joecacia’s Place

Today’s blog review is of Joecacia’s Place. A relatively new blog but it deserves a mention nonetheless.

This blogger has taken it upon herself to creat a beautiful memoriam to the mother of a mutual friend of ours from the webmaster forums who passed away earlier today.

We are all feeling the sadness for our friend and I though it was very special for Carla to create this nice tribute.

Blog Review – Brand Flakes For Breakfast

This weeks blog review for the blog challenge is Brand Flakes For Breakfast.

Brought to you by the people at VIA Design and Branding.  This blog has an often humourous and always informative look at branding and design.  With articles covering everything from McDonalds teaming up with Hummer to Sandra Bernhard selling cosmetics and Duran Duran. 

The blog theme is really cool look of a cereal box and is a very well put together blog.  Good job. 

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